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Brett Atteberry
Brett AtteberryPresident & Co-Founder

Work with Brett and some of the best real estate agents Colleyville

Meet Mr. Brett Atterberry – one of our top real estate agents Colleyville. Brett, as what most people would call him around the company, perfectly exemplifies the key objective that Classic Colleyville tries to espouse in our daily operations. His personal approach to real estate decision making tells you that he can easily handle tough and complicated situations that one may face in the industry. That comes as no surprise though – as a husband to a lovely wife for thirteen years and a father to three wonderful children, Mr. Atteberry fully understands the importance of choosing the perfect home for our families.

A Certified Expert in Real Estate Listings…and more

Brett started his career in real estate in 2008 and since then, he has acquired the sufficient knowledge to guide you through any opportunities that you wish to pursue – from real estate listings down to sealing deals for luxury properties for sale. If you are eyeing for deluxe properties as an investment, Brett is the perfect match for you as he knows the roundabouts of dealing with such complex transactions. Once you start coordinating with Brett, expect a wide smile to welcome and assure you that you are indeed in good hands. After all, top-notch customer service is first and foremost an Atterberry guarantee.

Top of the Notch Performance

Because of his wide knowledge and extensive experience about the industry, Mr. Atterberry has been a trailblazer in Classic Colleyville. From 2012 to 2015, he has been substantial in the company’s sales spike – making us a cut above from the rest. In 2013 alone, Mr. Atterberry has sealed a whopping 68 deals and that is for a single sales agent on top of that. Such feats are enough proof that if you’re into buying a house in Colleyville or if you want to dabble on a few investments around town, Brett Atterberry is the name that you can trust.